Adrian Peterson DID Commit Child Abuse

I am not surprised that Adrian Peterson denies he is a child abuser. I expected that.  The illegally released pictures of the little boy's legs leave no wiggle room. His son stated that Adrian put the leaves from the stripped switch in his mouth, pulled down his pants and whipped him. The police report documents cuts on his son's legs, ankles, hands and scrotum, combined with bruises on his lower back and buttocks. This story has so overwhelmed and affected me emotionally, that it is difficult for me to respond.

Foster Mother Murders Two-Year-Old Alexandria Hill

KUVE out of Austin Texas reports Alexandria Hill, age 2, was murdered by her foster mother earlier this month.  Alexandria was removed from her biological parents for what the county termed “neglectful supervision.”  After the couple had put Alexandria to sleep, they smoked some marijuana.  A neighbor detected the odor and called the police. That was when Alexandria was removed from the home.

Katy Butler

Katy Butler is a highschool student who began a petition to ask the Motion Picture Association of America to change the rating of an important upcoming movie titled Bully.  The lanuage gives the movie an R rating, which makes it illegal for anyone under 17 to see it. However that is the exact audience that needs to see this film and we should be showing it in every classroom. 

Texas Judge Adams Beating His Disabled Daughter Hillary

This video of Texas Judge Adams beating his disabled daughter Hillary on Child Help exposes what can go on in the homes of seemingly upstanding citizens in our communities. This is graphic material. Judge William Adams viciously beats his 16-year-old daughter Hillary, who suffers from Cerebral Palsy. Her crime? Downloading games and music on the Internet. This man blames his wife for Hillary’s so called crime because she allowed a computer in the house.

Little Naomi Whitecrow

I am heartbroken this morning as I learned of the recommended punishment of $5,000 for the murder of this child.  Yes, all children get bumps and bruises, but not everywhere on their bodies. The medical examiner's report indicates this child's face, chest, back, legs, right buttock and head were bruised or scraped. An Indiana pathologist ruled Naomi died of blunt-force injury to her head, abdomen and extremities. And the jury convicted the foster mother Amy Holder.  

Outrageously Light Sentence

    I am sickened by the light sentence of James Moss, the 6-foot-2, 270 pound father who ripped his 10-year-old son's clothes off, beat him with a spatula, held his hands over two kitchen stove burners, (producing 2nd and 3rd degree burns) punched him in the face, threw him in the oven, yelled “I'm going to burn you alive!” and then threw him naked outside, all because he thought the child stole $20.

A Model Centralized Child Abuse Intake Center

Iowa's new centralized child abuse intake center is a model every state should consider. Abuse tips are fed into one place, which enables standardized training and response scenarios. Because it removes reporting from the county level, I think it reduces the possibilities that a worker might know a family from their county and let their knowledge color their judgment. I also believe that by bringing it all under one roof, the workers can provide support for one another while at the same time learn from each others mistakes and successes. It seems to me it would be more cost effective.

A Key to Ending Child Abuse

Lately child abuse is getting a lot of attention, and rightfully so.  These tragic child abuse stories are always followed by hard-line, hard-nosed comments of what should be done to the abusers.   Every one is quick to say "lock them up and throw away the key" HOWEVER if you ask those very people if they support a living wage and programs that help people cope with the harsh realities of parenting, poverty and/or mental illness, you'll often heard, "my parents raised (5, 8, 12, etc) kids without any kind of parenting classes or assistance and we all turned out just fine." (which is a matte

Child Abuse Questions: A Paradigm Shift

Neglect and physical child abuse are so common that they take the lives of five children every day in the United States. As horrible as that statistic is, I want to bring attention to the issues faced by those who survive and attempt to escape their pain by becoming co-dependent, mentally ill, suicidal, alcoholic, drug addicted, or become abusers themselves.
These are some questions I would like to raise: 

Media Refuses to Air Child Sexual Abuse Public Service Announcement

I generally don't comment on child abuse stories that are about child sexual abuse, because my mission is to bring attention to emotional and physical child abuse. However the following story is so outlandish, it begged for comment.

The Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape (PCAR) was denied a 30-second public service announcement on Philadelphia's WBEB 101.1FM radio station because the organizations name includes the word “rape” and the public service announcement included the phrase “Child Sexual Abuse.


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