Katy Butler

Katy Butler is a highschool student who began a petition to ask the Motion Picture Association of America to change the rating of an important upcoming movie titled Bully.  The lanuage gives the movie an R rating, which makes it illegal for anyone under 17 to see it. However that is the exact audience that needs to see this film and we should be showing it in every classroom. 

Our kids are quite familiar with the words used in this film because it is those very words and names that are presently being used against them. It is the language that the bullies are using to hurt our kids. It is their weapons, so to speak. 

It is important that we send a clear message to all kids that bullying will not be tolerated. And to all the kids who are bullied, we need to let them know we will stand up for them. They need to know we understand how hurtful it is to their spirits. Please sign this petition. There are no words these kids today haven't heard. What is important here is that this message gets out.

Watch Ellen's segment and sign Katy Butler's petition to the Motion Picture Association of America.


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