Adrian Peterson DID Commit Child Abuse

I am not surprised that Adrian Peterson denies he is a child abuser. I expected that.  The illegally released pictures of the little boy's legs leave no wiggle room. His son stated that Adrian put the leaves from the stripped switch in his mouth, pulled down his pants and whipped him. The police report documents cuts on his son's legs, ankles, hands and scrotum, combined with bruises on his lower back and buttocks. This story has so overwhelmed and affected me emotionally, that it is difficult for me to respond. The cuts on the child's hands were defensive wounds.Adrian is over six feet and two hundred pounds. The average four year old weighs 40 pounds. Imagine somebody more than five times your size beating you. Twice.

Children are the only group of people in this country who can be treated violently without much consequence. I heard it said that three women die every day from domestic abuse. Well guess what? More than FOUR children die every day in our country with 90% being at the hands of their parents or caretakers. And I'm sure most of them "didn't mean" to kill them.


Child Abuse Issues in the News