About CAS

There are three reasons for this website; support, educate and create change.

Lending emotional support and resources to those who have been abused as children and now as adults are isolated with the hauntingly painful memories, is of utmost importance. Child abuse is a crime that often is not even acknowledged until years later.  One purpose of this website is to bring a message of hope and healing to those who are still suffering the long-term effects of child abuse.

Informing and educating others regarding the long-term effects of child abuse is another reason for this web site. Neglect and physical child abuse take the lives of five children every day in the United States. That is just the number of children who don't make it to their 18th birthday. Now think of the children who survive physical abuse and neglect. Combine that with the emotional pain of sexual abuse. They are the walking wounded among us who attempt to escape from their pain by becoming co-dependent, mentally ill, suicidal, alcoholic, drug addicted, or become abusers themselves. Of the 33,000 U.S. suicides each year – how many are due to child abuse?

Creating change in our society regarding the acceptance of physical punishment as a child rearing practice is the third purpose for this website. As long as physical punishment is acceptable, there will be an intangible line defining where punishment ends and abuse begins. That line becomes a slippery slope when it’s placement is dependent on the subjective opinion of an angry, frustrated parent with poor impulse control. It is my belief that violence is violence, whether it is done to another adult or a child. If you were to hit another adult, you would be arrested for assault. Why then does society sanction that same violence when it is used against a child?