Little Naomi Whitecrow

I am heartbroken this morning as I learned of the recommended punishment of $5,000 for the murder of this child.  Yes, all children get bumps and bruises, but not everywhere on their bodies. The medical examiner's report indicates this child's face, chest, back, legs, right buttock and head were bruised or scraped. An Indiana pathologist ruled Naomi died of blunt-force injury to her head, abdomen and extremities. And the jury convicted the foster mother Amy Holder.  

The defense argued that because Amy Holder brought Naomi into the doctors five days prior, she was a concerned mother. And then they brought in a “Texas expert” who testified neurological problems such as a seizure COULD have led to Naomi's death.

Parents often bring children in to the doctor's office. That is why we now train doctors to recognize child abuse. The abusers get scared their abuse went too far. The pathologist rules Naomi died of blunt-force injuries. I hope the pictures of Naomi Whitecrow's injuries haunt every juror for the rest of their lives.  Shame on them. Perhaps the judge will reject their recommendation. Let's hope.

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