A Model Centralized Child Abuse Intake Center

Iowa's new centralized child abuse intake center is a model every state should consider. Abuse tips are fed into one place, which enables standardized training and response scenarios. Because it removes reporting from the county level, I think it reduces the possibilities that a worker might know a family from their county and let their knowledge color their judgment. I also believe that by bringing it all under one roof, the workers can provide support for one another while at the same time learn from each others mistakes and successes. It seems to me it would be more cost effective.

Let's face it. These social workers have a tough job. At one time I wanted to go into the social work / psychology field but decided against it. I knew there would be situations that would tear me up inside. I also knew that with my history, I could not be impartial. So my hats off to the people who expose their hearts to the wrenching situations for the love of  children.

If you have not experienced child abuse, you might find it difficult to believe that parents would respond or act as some do. You can read about the success of this new model and a couple specific cases that were recently handled by this Child Abuse Intake Center at the Iowa Register's story "<a href="http://www.desmoinesregister.com/article/20101230/NEWS/12300343/Centrali...">Centralized call site helps Iowa officials tailor responses to child abuse reports</a>."


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