Learning and healing through child abuse stories

The child abuse stories and articles on this website are about emotional and physical child abuse. If you are an adult survivor of child abuse, know that you are not alone. Through this website, I will share bits and pieces of the child abuse stories that make up my book. The purpose of this website is to put a face on child abuse through true stories, while offering hope of healing to those still suffering from the after effects of child abuse.


Healing from child abuse is a long process which involves specific stages and if you so choose, ends with forgiveness. The first stage is acknowledgment. Despite being severely beaten, I did not realize what happened to me was abuse for two reasons. First, my mind blocked out the worse parts. Second, I did not have a point of reference, so what I experienced was normal to me.

How do we spot light the issue of child abuse without child abuse stories?

Outside of individual cases, the subject of child abuse doesn’t seem to make news often. How do we keep the conversation on the subject of child abuse, while not diving into individual child abuse stories that feature blow by blow accounts or pictures of beaten dead babies that trigger and horrify us?


Child Abuse Survivors and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

I read this morning about DJ AM (Adam Goldstein) death and the specualtion he committed suicide. The post traumatic stress he suffered was because he and his daughter were kidnapped. For what ever reason, he felt compelled to lend his voice to the issue of PTSD and child abuse. My post this morning is about child abuse survivors who suffer from PTSD because of child abuse, and those who consider or actually commit suicide. The sad and misleading thing is, child abuse is never listed as contribuiting factors in the cause of death.



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