Iowa is calling for a special medical team to evaluate child abuse.

The DeMoines Register published an article yesterday, titled “Iowa to call on special medical team for some child abuse cases,” informing the public that the state is looking at how their child welfare system reacts to child abuse allegations. 

How many child abuse stories must be told before safeguards are put in place to protect vulnerable children? In this case, a child was returned to his parents after having his arm broke before he turned 1 month old.  How does an infant break his arm? He doesn’t. A one month old baby cannot break his own arm. Someone broke it for him. And who in their right mind would return a child with that kind of injury to his parents?

The damage of removing me from my home would have been minuscule compared to the damage I received at the hands of my mother. As a child abuse survivor, I wish there had been some state or county involvement. Now at the ripe old age of 59, I see how the child abuse affected me, my self worth / esteem, who I chose to partner with, how I parented my own children and how the aftermath of the child abuse affected them.

Every state should have a team like this in place.



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