Peter Townsend appearing at the NFL Superbowl

The NFL has hired the "Who" band to play during halftime. The controversy that is brewing is Peter Townsend having been "placed on Britain's sex offenders register for five years after he admitted accessing child pornography online."

I understand someone not being guilty unless convicted. However I don't believe we have all the facts. He claims he was working on a project however before one investigates any subject matter, if it includes breaking the law, I would think the very least you would do is let the police know what you were doing and for what purpose.

Public judgment does not have to meet the stringent requirements of a court of law. Sponsors dropped Tiger Woods for bad, but legal, behavior. I believe people have the right to let the NFL (and public) know of their objection to hiring someone who has exhibited illegal behavior, especially so objectionable and life damaging as child pornography.

What do you think?


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