Finally a Doctor’s Specialty in Child Abuse

The American Medical News reports that after nine years, the American Medical Board of Pediatrics is FINALLY offering a specialty in the treatment of child abuse. We as a society owe a debt to the late pediatrician and educator, Dr. Ray Helfer, who devoted his life to the developing methods of detecting child abuse, treating and preventing it. Others have kept Dr. Helfer’s spirit and work alive on as The Helfer Society.

As a child abuse survivor, I personally feel a huge debt to anyone who works towards these goals. I know the depths of damage it does to one’s soul and how that damage plays out in one’s life throughout their lifetime. I try to show the depth and complexity of the multitude of issues within my child abuse stories. There is something healing within, just to know there will now be doctors who now specialize in child abuse. Thank you to each and every one who cares enough to make this your specialty. May you be blessed with knowing how important your work is and the difference you are making in the lives of children and society. Next January 2010, the first doctors will hold certificates in the specialty of child abuse. I wish I could shake each and every one of their hands.



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